No home possesses an exact price. Want to know the range of value for any home? Our value technicians will do the work for you. With the best data and the eyes of unbiased, well-trained specialists, you learn the highest likely price and the most conservative price for any home. The significant differences between a zipTimate opinion and an opinion from a real estate agent are:

  • There is no conflict-of-interest.
  • The zipTimate is written and easy to understand.
  • The difference between an accredited appraisal and the zipTimate is about two-hundred to two-hundred-fifty dollars. There are also automated opinions from several large companies that use algorithms (artificial intelligence) online for free. zipMatch believes trained, experienced humans working in a team environment will outperform any other option.
    This tool is free for our zipSeller and zipBuyer customers. A zipMatch customer has enrolled in the zipMatch program and is actively seeking to buy or sell a home, or both.

Many people want to learn:

  • The range of value on their current home.
  • The range of value on a home they are contemplating purchasing.
  • The range of value if they are placing their home on the market.
  • The range of value if they are reducing the price of their home.
  • The range of value if they just received an offer on their home.