Keeping your real estate intentions a secret slow you down. Whether you are looking to buy a home or currently own a home and are looking for a change, let the world know (anonymously) what you want to accomplish. Over sixty-percent of homebuyers actively in the market today have a home to sell that is not on the market. If you are a seller – we will check out the buyer. If you are a buyer, we will check out the seller. When it looks like a match, we will let the other party know of your interest, and you make the decision.  The pro’s of a zipBlip post:

  1. A buyer or a seller can use zipBlip.
  2. Your identity is confidential until you permit us to share it with an inquiry.
  3. When there is a successful match, both parties are saving a real estate commission.
  4. A match will likely shorten the time it takes you to reach your goal.
  5. Expand your buying options because these homes are not on the market.

The con’s of a zipBlip post

  1. We couldn’t think of one
  2. Share one you have with us, and we’ll post it here

Home sellers advertise to find buyers. Now, buyers can advertise to find sellers. That’s why we named the company ziphomez! This tool is free for our Premium customers. A Premium ziphomez customer is actively seeking to sell, and likely buy another home.