FAQ’s & Glossary

Ziphomez is a technology platform specializing in marketing pre-owned single-family homes. Ziphomez is not a real estate company. Ziphomez deploys visual tools that convert critical real estate activity in neighborhoods into easy-to-understand data that provide insights homeowners require to inform their decisions.   

Ziphomez does not give advice. Trusted data in an environment free of conflicts-of-interest allows ziphomez customers to make informed decisions confidently. Packaged in a standardized peer-to-peer process and delivered online, ziphomez eliminates today’s inefficient real estate practices. The result is a smooth transition from home to home and incredible savings. 

Our mission is to bring simplicity, certainty, and cost savings to home buying and selling – that’s why we invented ziphomez.

Ziphomez provides you with our tools and the data required to eliminate outdated business models to seamlessly sell your home. Here’s how it works:

  1. You share your circumstances and we develop a specific plan to market your home based on your situation. We present the plan for your approval.
  2. Our technicians visit your home to certify the condition and create the zipvideo. When the video and your webpage are complete we review both tools with you prior to publishing.
  3. The marketing begins and prospects will walk through your home online. They will also see all the information about your home they need to evaluate making a personal visit. Providing this information up-front to prospects is one of many key differences in how ziphomez operates. Ziphomez is committing a substantial up-front investment in preparing your home for your customers and the support continues until the buyer is identified, purchases, and completes the sale. You are on top of the process from start to finish.

With ziphomez you can choose from three options, zipSimple, zipPremium, or à la carte.

zipSimple provides the following critical tools; zipTimate, zipReport, zipVideo, zipPage and The zipMeter. zipSimple is for the home seller capable of handling all the details on their own. The cost is .005% of the sale price.

zipPremium is designed to provide a complete “white glove” service for the home seller who wants a hands-free experience. The cost of zipPremium is 1% of the sale price. Included are all the tools in zipSimple, plus zipTour, zipBot, zipSign and unlimited chat, text, email, and phone support. The cost is 1% of the sale price.

Ziphomez is not a real estate company. It is a technology marketing company that specializes in marketing pre-owned homes for homeowners. Ziphomez does not give advice. Ziphomez provides insightful tools, information, and data. Ziphomez believes homeowners can make informed decisions on their own when they have tools, information, and data they can trust.

Typical closing costs of title insurance, tax proration, state transfer tax, and miscellaneous fees are not included in ziphomez service fees.

When your home sells, you’ll simply pay for your chosen option as a seller cost deducted from the title company closing statement. If you choose à la carte, you pay as you go so there is no fee at closing. You are free to upgrade at any time, and any items you prepaid will be deducted from the package price you chose.

Assuming you follow the marketing plan you approved initially, your home is going to sell. If ziphomez does not believe we can sell your home using our tools and following the plan laid out for you, we will tell you before we launch the plan. If your home is not sold during the time period the marketing plan calls for, ziphomez is based on success only, and you have no continuing obligation.

There is no catch. No real estate agent knows your home as well as you do. With your help, the ziphomez process combined with technology and state-of-the-art marketing to indentify the customer for your home creates efficiencies. These efficiencies compress time and allow you to save 5% of your sale price and for ziphomez to make a profit at the rates we have established. It is a win-win partnership.

Ziphomez is starting with homes that match the following criteria:

  • Located within our service area (we are rolling out more markets soon)
  • Single-family residential homes, including condos and town-houses with available traditional financing and cooperative management
  • No outstanding liens except mortgages
  • Owner-occupied

And do NOT have the following:

  • Distressed sale or bank-owned
  • Significant foundation or major condition issues, or prior water damage

Each home is unique, so there may be other exceptions. Be sure to include your circumstances in our questionnaire when you click the “get started” button, or call us at 920.624.2414

Ziphomez gathers information from you and data we obtain from a variety of sources. We then gather every comparable sale in your neighborhood, or similar neighborhoods, and chose three properties that are most similar to your home out of many sales. We also consider hyper-local market conditions and develop the best possible price to expect, and the lowest price to accept. We describe this process in easy-to-understand documents to show you all the data we considered to form our opinion. You decide the fairness for yourself.

When you have all the data at your fingertips provided with no conflict of interest by a company whose mission is to improve the real estate transaction experience you will see for yourself. A significant part of ziphomez mission is education through simplicity.

You can absolutely hire ziphomez to market new construction. Ziphomez methods bring uniformity to every home seller, so the program is identical whether new or pre-owned.

Not necessarily. Some home sellers have reserves, and others do not. Because everyone has a unique situation, we can help you obtain the right trades to estimate the cost. You could offer a credit against the sale price. Generally, it is wise to eliminate any objections up-front. Still, if that is not possible, we will have options to overcome the obstacle.

Just like any other real estate closing, the contract is presented to the title company and they investigate the title to ensure there are no obstacles in the title. you’ll receive required disclosures before closing. From there, the closing attorney or title company will schedule a convenient time for you to sign the closing documents, which you may be able to sign online. You will also need to furnish any keys that you possess. The title company records the transaction on the public record and distributes funds on the close date.

Walk throughs are important to confirm the property condition has not changed after the buyers last visit.  Ziphomez recommends two walk-throughs to minimize any miscommunications. One just before closing and a second walkthrough upon the seller moving out of the house. This level of communication may eliminate unwanted surprises that are common when customers forego walk throughs.

The best customer service is our number one priority at ziphomez. Not everyone will qualify for ziphomez. Between condition, pricing, and other factors unique to your situation, we will provide actionable suggestions for you to consider if your home does not qualify.

The market today functions like market range pricing and has for over one-hundred years. When a seller offers their home for sale, it has been at a fixed price. Some of those homes sell for more, some sell for the list price, and some sell for less.

Market Range Pricing (MRP) is a marketing tactic designed to bring more potential customers to your home. By promoting a range of value rather than a single price, the seller is signaling cooperation to the market.

They may consider a lower price. That signal does not obligate them to a lower price any more than a seller that offers a fixed price.

In theory, more potential buyers translate into demand, which equates to a higher price in a free market. As simple as the idea is, most multiple listing services (MLS) do not allow MRP.

The MRP works well in the ziphomez model because ziphomez understands MRP and the benefits. MRP provides a climate of cooperation on the one hand and more potential customers on the other.

Not necessarily. Ziphomez is a high tech marketing company, not a real estate company. Ziphomez specializes in helping home sellers sell their homes using tools and marketing methods that promote transparency. When a potential buyer experiences our processes and the open disclosures we encourage up-front, they can see how the seller established the range. The desirability of the home and market conditions will impact what some buyers will offer, but all buyers will act differently. Just like they do with a fixed price home. The seller can decide how to react using the same data. Our experience to date has not had an offer start at the low end of the range of value. We believe MRP is superior to a fixed offering price.

The zipMeter is a tool that provides essential data to our customers, in writing, when they need it most. Many home buyers and home sellers do not often experience real estate to know what questions to ask. The zipMeter answers one of the questions buyers and sellers should be asking. “How is the market behaving today, in this specific neighborhood? 

Knowing the answer to this question may influence how a buyer or seller will react in a negotiation, a price reduction, establishing an MRP, or other circumstances. Ziphomez views this tool as a logical way to share critical information. You can decide if $25 a good investment when it involves your largest single investment.

All valuation methods have differences. All offer some form of opinion. The difference with zipTimate is that it distinctly provides a range of value instead of a fixed price.

The zipTimate does not depend on artificial intelligence. It embraces a team approach. We consider similar comparables in the neighborhood or similar neighborhoods nearby and adjust for time, rather than going miles away. One or more on the team has an strong appraisal background.

None of the other methods embrace all of these characteristics. Ziphomez believes the product is superior, but it is still an opinion, and it is not infallible.

Today’s real estate promotes only the seller’s property. It has been that way forever, and it works. Ziphomez believes that advertising a buyer’s needs expands the “silent” inventory and may provide more options for the seller. Conversely, when a seller sees a potential match, in theory, transactions could come together sooner. Ziphomez has high hopes for zipBlip because it is logical, and we believe it will work too.

See that little icon, Monty, in the lower right-hand corner? Monty is our robot assistant. Click it, and you can chat with us right away unless all representatives are with other customers. You can email us anytime at r@ziphomez.comor text, or call 920.xxxxxxx with additional questions.


FSBO – For Sale By Owner: A property owner looking to sell their home without the use of a real estate company. There are multiple reasons a home seller may chose this option: to avoid the high commissions involved in the transaction, a poor prior experience, the subject matter knowledge to manage the transaction, or because they want to gain experience by doing. 

MLS is an acronym for multiple listing services. The MLS is a promotional tool used by real estate companies to identify new customers and pool “listed” homes with other member real estate companies. MLS member brokers who secure a “success only” commission agreement from a home seller agree to share the commission. The seller pays the listing broker the agreed commission. The listing broker then pays the cooperating MLS broker that secures the buyer.

A boundary survey is the delineation of property parcel boundaries performed by a state-licensed and registered land surveyor. Two-foot long metal stakes driven into the ground; at each point the line changes direction; to mark the border. Upon completion of the survey, the responsible municipality records the survey in the public record.

A contingency is a written condition of a home sale that must be satisfied to complete the transaction. Contingencies are necessary because they generally involve considerable expense. Most buyers or sellers of real estate will not risk funding or spending time satisfying a request without a contract in place. The most common example is the financing contingency. Lenders cannot begin approving a mortgage loan until there is a contract with a purchase price in place between a seller and a buyer.

Market Range Pricing (MRP) is a marketing strategy employed by home sellers to increase the number of home showings. Hypothetically, the more shows, the higher the chance of a sale and a purchase at a higher price. There is an article that expands on this subject on the ziphomez blog.

The zipTimate is an exclusive tool that simplifies, and simultaneously, improves outcomes when predicting at what price a home will sell at some point in the future. There are a variety of factors that can impact the number of prospective buyers that will be interested. These factors can be both positive and negative. Additionally, there is an emotional or human thought process that creates different reactions in different buyers. In otherwords, a home will be worth more or less, to different customers. The zipTimate recognizes this reality in the market place by establishing a range of value, rather than a single price. The low end of the range is the lowest price you should accept, and the high-end of the range is the most you should expect.  The  zipTimate is not an appraisal, but an opinion of a property’s value that is completed by a team, including an experienced professional, that picks three homes that are very similar to the subject property.  Ziphomez does not accept the theory that an algorithm (artificial intelligence or AI) can evaluate a home

zipBlip is an online advertisement homebuyers use to find a home seller. It is the exact opposite of a home seller that advertises to find a homebuyer. It is a tool a potential homebuyer deploys to find a direct home seller and expand their potential choices. About sixty-five percent of homebuyers shopping for another home currently own a home. When they see a buyer ad and their home fits with the posted criteria, the seller notifies ziphomez. Ziphomez will validate the seller’s information and notify the buyer.

The zipMeter is a critical tool to understand the hyper-local market in the neighborhood of the home you may currently own or contemplate owning. The hyper-local market continually changes with each new competitor and every competitor that is sold or expires unsold. This tool is far more sensitive than a general market perspective and based on data as of a particular date. This tool’s insight provides users data that may influence the price a buyer offers, a seller may accept, or an asking price a seller coming into the market may consider.

The zipReport is a document that identifies defective items in a home. State law defines a defect as those components harmful to one’s health, a physical threat, or at the end of their expected useful life. The part must significantly affect a home’s value.

The zipTour is a service for both home sellers and buyers utilizing ziphomez. When a home seller or homebuyer desires a host to accompany them, they order the zipTour. The zipTour guide will meet the customer at the home they are selling or the home they want to tour. A home seller that selected the Simple package can order a zipTour when they are not available themselves. The company includes the zipTour in the Premium package. A zipTour guide will automatically greet the potential homebuyer at the property. A non-customer would register on the website with some basic information when scheduling a viewing of a customer’s home.

zipVideo is a professional video production of a home. It contains a video tour through the home and the yard and the actual floor plans. This tool is an important component for several reasons. It will eliminate prospects who would not like the home if they physically toured it. It saves the owner time preparing for a show that is non-productive. It saves the prospect time, which they may appreciate. Most importantly, it greatly improves the chances that a prospect who like the video may be the ultimate purchaser.

zipBot, an autonomous program on the internet or another network that can interact with systems or users.
“you can program your bot to store data in the database of your choice”
  1. (chiefly in science fiction) a robot.
    Note: Ziphomez deploys a bot on the website to facilitate direct communication between a home seller and a homebuyer in an online chat, while the homebuyer is viewing the seller’s home online. This is an example of how technology is bringing innovation to real estate to encourage engagement and compress time.

zipPage is the description of a home that features the zipVideo, zipReport, zipMeter, zipTimate, seller condition report, improvements the seller has added, a directional map, and much more. What makes this feature so powerful is the zipPage contains all the information they need to make a decision before they make an offer. With all the data, the chance of a negotiation after the contract is signed or changing their mind because they did not have all the information is minimized. 

zipSign is a unique yard sign designed to attract attention to a home for sale. The unique features are: it swivels in the wind, it contains a QR code that eliminates a potential customer having to leave their vehicle to obtain a detailed description of the home, and it contains a link to your zipPage.

zipSupport is a team of well trained specialists in the steps every seller and buyer experience in the transaction. It is ziphomez customer service. We do not give advice. We provide is great customers service which means the data sellers and buyers need in the form of our unique tools. It means we share the pros and the cons of any decision you are facing. It means we answer the phone, chat, text, or email when you need an answer. ziphomez believes our customers can make smart desisions on their own when they have all the vital information. 

Negotiate – to deal or bargain with another or others, as in the preparation of a treaty or contract or preliminaries to a business deal.  

Note: Ziphomez believes the negotiation in a real estate transaction should directly occur between the buyer and the seller. When the two parties directly negotiate, the chance of miscommunication is reduced. Further, ziphomez believes that when both parties in the negotiation have unfiltered, unbiased data available that they can transact with confidence in their decisions.  

Peer – a person of the same legal status.

Note: peer-to-peer in ziphomez vernacular refers to one buyer and one seller.

The Danger Report was commissioned by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to an outside consulting firm in 2015. The purpose of the commission was to engage the membership in a definitive analysis of negative game changers emerging in real estate. When the consultant surveyed real estate agents, here is what they found:

” The real estate industry is saddled with a large number of part-time, untrained, unethical, and/or incompetent agents. This knowledge gap threatens the credibility of the industry.”

You can read the report here: Read Danger Report PDF

zipPremium is designed to provide a complete “white glove” service for the home seller who wants a hands-free experience.  Included are all the tools in zipSimple, plus zipTour, zipBot, zipSign, and unlimited chat, text, email, and phone support. The cost is 1% of the sale price.

The listing contract is a legal document that real estate agents must use when a home seller engages them to represent them. It is an employment agreement. Ziphomez believes the form is heavily weighted to protect the agent and the company with which it is associated. This document creates an agency between the seller and the agent. The company and the agent agree to place the sellers’ interests ahead of their own. In theory, it is an admirable method to protect the seller from financial harm. Ziphomez believes the agency theory is flawed and, in some instances, provide the seller with a false sense of security. That is one of the reasons ziphomez believes the peer-to-peer method is a superior arrangement. (see peer-to-peer elsewhere in the glossary)  


The Memorandum of Understanding is the agreement that zzzipmatch, LLC, and our Customer enter that defines our mutual responsibilities and obligations.

It contains the date we agreed to begin working together and the date we complete our agreement.

Our Customer acknowledges that zzzipmatch is an online marketing company and not a real estate company. Further, zzzipmatch delivers services in the form of tools that contain information the Customer uses to make unbiased and fully informed decisions.

Customer further acknowledges and agrees that the Company does not provide advice to Customer. The Company offers data containing pros and cons that Customer considers in making decisions associated with Customer’s sale of their home.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that in purchasing Services from the Company, there is no creation of an agency relationship between Company and Customer. Each Party is an independent entity.

Customer and Company agree that no fees are due Company for Services unless Customer closes on their home’s sale. Customer authorizes the title company to pay Company one percent (1%) for the Premium package, or one-half-of-one percent for the Simple package, of the home’s sale price from Customer’s proceeds at the closing.

The Company agrees to furnish and fund the upfront cost of delivering the Tools and Information described on the website to the Customer.

Further, to promote the Customer’s home on the website and through various channels utilizing search engine optimization tactics to identify and introduce buying customers to the seller. Both parties are zzzipmatch customers. Zzzipmatch’s role is to provide the same information to both parties that the customers use to negotiate directly.

Suppose the Customer’s home remains unsold in the agreed-upon marketing time. In that case, zzzipmatch will absorb all the costs of preparing the home for market with no obligation to the Customer should the customer chose not to continue the ziphomez marketing service . 

In regard to transfers described in Wis. Statute 709.01, the owner of the property shall furnish, not later than 10 days after acceptance of a contract of sale or option contract, to the prospective buyer of the property a completed copy of the report under Wis. Statute 709.03 or 709.033, whichever is applicable, subject to Wis. Statute 709.035, except that the owner may substitute for any entry information supplied by a licensed engineer, professional land surveyor, as defined in Wis. Statute 443.01 (7m), or structural pest control operator, by an individual who is a qualified 3rd party, or by a contractor about matters within the scope of the contractor’s occupation, if the information is in writing and is furnished on time and if the entry to which it relates is identified, and except that the owner may substitute for any entry information supplied by a public agency. Information that substitutes for an entry on the report under Wis. Statute 709.03 or 709.033 and that is supplied by a person specified in this section may be submitted and certified on a supplemental report prepared by the person, as long as the information otherwise satisfies the requirements under this section. A prospective buyer who does not receive a report within the 10 days may, within 2 business days after the end of that 10−day period, rescind the contract of sale or option contract by delivering a written notice of recision to the owner or to the owner’s agent.