Research Support

Northeast Wisconsin / Research Support / Part Time

Zzzipmatch’s vision is to revolutionize how people buy and sell homes. With  Zzzipmatch, homeowners get certainty, simplicity and convenience while saving money compared to selling the traditional way. Working with Zzzipmatch, consumers skip the hassles of living through the myriad of complex issues the traditional 120-year-old system offers including a major conflict of interest and a very high cost so their old home sells on the market for the highest possible price.
Zzzipmatch has been testing consumer reaction to our simple, time-saving methods for several months and has successfully completed two transactions in the testing process. This website is the culmination of what we have learned to date. We expect that we will learn more each day from our customers in the process of satisfying more customers.
We are seeking individuals to join our team in several different roles. You will have the unique opportunity to improve real estate marketing, learn and implement new marketing methods to transact real estate and improve customers lives and financial conditions.
At zzzipmatch, we have fun, we move at our customer’s pace, we celebrate & support our customers with exceptional customer service and results.

Research Supporters are;

experienced with a computer, familiar with many API’s, social media sites, and many real estate related websites, analytical and a good communicator, a problem solver, you know search, Google Docs, Google forms, and some apps we have never heard of, experience with ARCGIS is a plus. you work well on a team.